Storytime is done for the year...
See you next summer!

Come visit Grandma Pat at the farm this summer to hear a series of stories that will take you into the world of farm animals and characters that will give you a giggle or two along the way! We will have two books available each week (dependent upon time and age groups), with a visit to somewhere on the farm and sometimes a project, too.
This program is FREE to all!

DAY: Every Friday from June 24-September 2
10-11:30 am
PLACE: At the Farm!

cartoon farm animals

Please call (652-7840) or email the farm ( each week to let us know you're coming! This allows us to make sure we have enough materials to share with each young visitor.

2022 Story Schedule

June 24
Milking Time by Phyllis Alsdurf / Chilly Milly Moo by Fiona Ross
Become a “Cow Expert” today. Hear the beautiful story as you watch a boy learn to care for his cows, then enjoy a silly cow story about a cow who gives ICE CREAM! Visit our REAL milking stall in the barn and get your picture taken on the stool! Time to meet the chickens with Grandma Pat!

July 1
Biggest Little Farm by John Chester / The Pig Scramble by Jessica Kinney
Enjoy a true story about a Piglet that was saved by a young girl! Then vist a fair where a boy has to catch a greased pig! Make your own “pig nose” and play “Pin the Tail on the Pig.” The chickens are waiting for you.

July 8
Thank You, Sarah by Laurie Anderson / Mary and her Little Lamb by Will Moses
Did you know that a lady named Sarah Josepha Hale was a heroine from New Hampshire? Learn about a little lamb that Sarah helped write a song about. Make your own lamb to take home!

July 15
Maple Moon by Connie Brummel Crook / The Legend of the Old Man of the Mountain by Denise Ortakales
Learn how the Native Americans first discovered maple syrup! Taste some on your own pancake! Then meet the “Old Man of the Mountain” where a Native American Chief sat to wait for his maiden to return to him. Measure out the Old Man’s nose on the rocks! How are the chickens today? Go visit them!

July 22
Otis by Loren Long / Tractor Man by Billy Steers
Meet Otis the Tractor and his friend, the little calf who gets rescued by Otis! Visit our old Cider Press Barn where Tractor Mac was a helper. Try some apple cider for yourself and go on a real tractor ride where we will take your picture! Then visit your favorite chicken!

July 29
Warm as Wool by Scott Russell Sanders / The Mitten by Jan Brett
Dress up like the children at the Farm might have looked and learn how wool from our sheep is used to make your woolen mittens and sweaters. Listen to a story about a mouse and woolen mittens. Go inside the museum to try spinning wool with your fingers. Do your chickens have wool or feathers?

August 5
Sonya’s Chicken by Phoebe Wahl / Chicken Big by Keith Graves
Watch and learn about how to care for chickens as Sonya moves from day to day in her responsibilities. Sonya has to learn about the interaction of animals in our world, and she does! Giggle a lot as you meet “Chicken Big.” Use a real egg from our chickens to see if you can tell whether it is boiled or fresh.

August 12
The Best Sled Ride Ever! by Rebecca Rule / Barn by Debby Atwell
Get a big thrill by watching a group of children like you all pile together on an old-fashioned Travis sled! Then watch how a barn at a farm was built and added onto over the years! End by going inside our barn and meeting “Uncle Sam!” Chicken time!

August 19
Raccoon’s Last Race by Joseph and James Bruchac / Faraway Fox by Jolene Thompson
Enjoy an Abenaki Native American trickster tale to learn why Azban the Raccoon has such short legs! Meet a little fox who gets lost from his family. Can you win a race?

August 26
Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel by Leslie Connor / If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff
Watch Miss Bridie arrive in America and use the shovel she brought with her to do amazing things! Can you help use a shovel and plant in our childrens’ garden? Giggle through the story of a little pig who ends the story where he started. Will you get to taste some pancakes? Don’t forget the chickens!

September 2
Raspberries by Jay O’Callohan / The Legend of the Loon by Kathy-jo Wargin
Both stories today have magic and the color red! Try some magic raspberry tarts that make people like Simon dance and sing. Then enjoy a Native American story that taught children how the loons from our Lakes around us came to our world. This is your last visit of the year with your chickens! We will all miss you - until NEXT summer!