The Farm

We keep a small selection of heritage breed farm  animals to support our educational programs. We have displays of  agricultural implements and educational exhibits on rural life and  agriculture for the visiting public and our many visiting school  children. We offer guided tours of the farm and the historic Jones  farmhouse. Special events and programs, workshops, and day camps are  offered throughout the year. 


 We have herb gardens and  flower gardens as well as a children’s garden for educational purposes.  

Our Farm Animals

The Pigs: We have three little Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. Also known as Orchard pigs, 

Gloucestershire Old Spots are a heritage breed traditionally used for keeping the  orchards clear of dropped apples.

The Sheep: Our current flock consists of four Icelandic lambs. The modern Icelandic Sheep is a direct descendant of the sheep brought to Iceland by the early Viking  settlers, in the ninth and tenth century. It is possibly the  oldest and purest domesticated breed of sheep in the world today.

The Goats: Both Elsa and Olive are diary goats. Elsa is a Saanen. Saanens are the largest of the dairy goats and are often referred to as the "queen of the dairy goats". Olive is a LaMancha. LaManchas are a medium sized goat that are most easily recognized by  their elfish  ears! Both of these girls love people!

The Chickens:  The farm's  flock of  chickens includes heritage breeds such  as Speckled Sussex, Giant Black Astralorps,  Buff Orpingtons, New Hampshire Reds, Barred Rocks, and  Auracanas. Our chickens are free-ranging (except when our  gardens are first planted!) and we sell their eggs in the Country Store.

The Turkeys: The farm has six pullets - three are Black Spanish and three are Narragansetts. 

The Rabbits: Junior the Rabbit lives in a hutch near the chicken coop. Next door are his daughters JJ and Licorice.

The Cows: We are currently hosting four beef cattle for the summer.

Keeping animals requires feed, bedding, and veterinary care. You can  help by “adopting” any one or all of our farm animals. Call us for more information at (603)652-7840.